Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Life smells good here...
i rubbed ny eyes again again and yet again.. and then all i have bben doing is smiling this time rubbing it in..:-)
thats how it was... and who says goos things always come in small sizes they come in emails too...
and then u know im growing up and grwoing older too.. getting close to things which ill HAVE to DO or stop doing soon...
so yet another birthday!!..this time a lil different.. close to people i have been far off from and far way from those aho i have been close to for long..
Great day and only the few get to be a part of it only those close to my heart come close to my birthday cake…I know u would say its not fair but yes its only dark cakes that I always liked..heheheWell it smells good you know the air around.. Learning about perfumery. France and the HIM something that’s going to become a bigger part of my life…a month that’ll be a forerunner to coming years..
And the big b’s in life.. Big B himself..Boss,.Business..ByeFriends,,Brands,,.Bombay im running all around them..
k the next shantaram not so soon.. Am still not geared up for competition but Yes I have all the background settings ready… So kindly wait..Watch out!!!
That’s it.
Lookin at the wall clock.
Time up..

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