Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2012 is it really the end or the beginning.

As hackneyed as it may sound.

Sounds & Feels like no casual year. Will be a do or die for many of us

For some to forge for some to figure out and for some to sustain.

Most of the folks around me have embarked on a new life. Maybe because it’s just the stage all my circle of influence is in or not to deny my facebook friend are at. So that probably triggers such thoughts in my head. But nevertheless all I see is transition around me.

Struggle to get what one wanted has never been more than we ever desired

Be it a new job that one has been aspiring for and pulling ourselves out of.

Money has no limits this year. So more and more money this year is what all of us have as a goal in mind, again probably triggered by the changes happening in all our lives.

This year sounds like an year of accumulation of money or assets. We are all settling for the best and our credit cards are optimally utilized.

Our finances are reaching an equilibrium for some and for some the other extreme. A total washout.

For some a loving partner for a happy and sustainable future coming with a lot of interior designing requirements .

An year of codependence as majority of us tie the nuptial knots, joint accounts, joint loans, joint cars etc..

An year of international jaunts and settling down at geographies which you probably just saw on the school atlas or ate a brand of chocolates from.

An year of new entrants into the family and overall world scene some having bonus deliveries. No wonder 2011 ended with some huge losses to the world art and technology centrestage.2012 ought to just give it back to us.

An year of change in way the people approach, be it cinema, Game , Television ,Technology or polity.

Its sure will be an action packed year.

I may sound like a astrologer who studies the position of stars and constellations, but I’m probably surrounded by or planning for a lot of change myself . New developments, planning for new journeys to embark on. It has never been so close and so real as it sounds now.

But guess what I know it’s coming and I am waiting for it with open arms and the barney stinson thumbs up!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Here She Comes

Here she comes like an angel, and takes you away on a pleasant hike

She stirs your hidden emotions to bring the best by your side.

She looks at you with a softness , a dampness in her eyes.

She washes away all your low currents like the oceans in high tide.

She accepts you each season , ready to share all your pains.

She holds your hand and rests her shoulder each time it starts to rain,

She can walk besides you , yet lets you lead the way.

She gives you all her moments letting go of her own space.

She looks on to you through the mirror, perfectly settling your tie

She keeps your wine ready and waits until you dine.

She dresses the best for you, dancing with you on those hurting heals

She still wears that old pendant, which you bought her from the streets

She tells you her little stories and smiles for hours at yours

She carries all your baggage till the time you open the doors

She looks for you lost in the crowd , runs and holds you tight

She never tells you how she feels when you desert her for a night

She can love you like a dove and jolt you like the storm

She sings to you like a bird to you your own songs

She makes you the man , with all her womeness inside

She fills up your senses, fitting perfectly pieces of your life.

Happy Womens day.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

A Ticket to the NY moment

Life teaches you lessons You always hate to learn ,

It give you stubborn choices, You thought you could take for fun

It shows you dumps and ditches, But doesn’t warn you of the fall

It’s your obsession for the dark side, That dodges you like a clumsy ball.

You step into the dark corners, You think you can take control

Soon you make choices, And you turn back forlorn

See there the bright sunshine, Its right on your jumbled head

Let the sand out from your fists, The pieces you can still mend

Pull up and join together bits, To dress your own collage

The times not really wrong, jus that you end up trusting a mirage.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Should I fly away with time or stop and 'cease' the moment

Should I trust the divine or doubt each new & touching fragment

Should I rest my choices or keep looking for what’s around

Should I settle in my hollow’s or fight for what’s outbound

Just wanting to move like the clouds, should I settle, burst and rain

Yet go unnoticed as if each was no different and no two were the same..
Pic- My artwork - titled 'sow' Deception

Monday, February 28, 2011

For Starters and till desserts

Life amuses me and so humour is what I find in everything around :-D
He plans, we goof-up and vice versa.

Here is some crazy food for thought.Take it with a pinch(or pitcher) of malt;-)

If only god had a base on earth
If only his strat team was dispersed
Would he be kind enough to have a one to one
Before he charts out a destiny for us
So that his plan and our course
Would never slip out of control
Present confusion, past & future joys n pains
Would never see a mismatch in plans again.
A slight hint here and a slight trick there
If only we had our own Da Vinci codes
Cracking them would be more fun
Than relying on our silly & logical conundrums
Whoever thought we could start from nowhere
Life's venture capitalism had to be a failed concept
So if at all a course correction now be done
I would strongly recommend he set up office on earth.

P.S : I love this pic for some live reactions.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The World Is Changing

And I woke up, to how swiftly time had moved, not a moment to rethink.
The grass was washed and was now as green and pious with the dew drops fallen from the night,
The times were changing , the guitar notes were done with.
The melodies were fresh , and in the azure sky the doorways to new smiles had opened with some gracefull exits and long drawn pauses.
Suddenly the abnormal made me happy, and I lived the life I never imagined would bring me joy.
Believing what came to you at first go , with no space for maladies.
And then there is now so much going inside but millions of miles away there is a composed note ringing in the head incessantly but calmly so.
And then you look at newer and newer turns and you wait for the morning with no second thoughts.
Look above and down and around and you have never been so sure.
And then you step in the sunshine and dance like the music would never end.
Like the darkness would never set in, like the raindrops would never hurt you again.
And then you begin to see the sunrise like you never saw it.
Like a butterfly just got wings shimmering with vibrant hues.
And here I was, walking in all this and more.
For real.

Pic- New decade- Jan 2011

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Of crooked streets & snow

Some memories leave a mark, bundled with moments with an undying spark
That every time you click rewind. You just sit back and smile.
Some people make you feel so loved, their ways not just words
You just can’t leave the feeling behind that you haven’t yet gone half the mile.
Some bonds are forever, meant to nurture and for keeps
Just a tear there and a smile here, not enough with their passing remarks and deed
But then everytime and day, when you jump closer to the now of things
Missing then is part of the loving now, memories bottled forever.
Pic - Taken Dec'10 Cincinnati

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just when Are you?

Just when the world is doing the usual, Are you fighting with yourself for a change ! Drastically

Just when the usual is making them all happy, Are you pushing back all those deals! Casually

Just when they are sealing it off, Are you eroding all the past layers! Clearly

Just when they are all piling cash, Are you looking at ways to clear bank accounts! Comfortably

Just when the clocks ticking,  Are you looking at making the circumference bigger! Insanely

Just when they are working at falling in love, Are you looking at ways to fall out of it all! Passively

Just when they are all gung-ho about Diwali, Are you waiting to celebrate your first Haloween! Weirdly

I Am , Are you?

Pic- A coffee shop in a quaint hill station around Bangalore. Sept,10

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