Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just when Are you?

Just when the world is doing the usual, Are you fighting with yourself for a change ! Drastically

Just when the usual is making them all happy, Are you pushing back all those deals! Casually

Just when they are sealing it off, Are you eroding all the past layers! Clearly

Just when they are all piling cash, Are you looking at ways to clear bank accounts! Comfortably

Just when the clocks ticking,  Are you looking at making the circumference bigger! Insanely

Just when they are working at falling in love, Are you looking at ways to fall out of it all! Passively

Just when they are all gung-ho about Diwali, Are you waiting to celebrate your first Haloween! Weirdly

I Am , Are you?

Pic- A coffee shop in a quaint hill station around Bangalore. Sept,10

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