Monday, June 18, 2007

RealiSationS ...Part 1ne

This is the Part one of the Part Two.. So Read it Carefully

Never board a Virar local..(if you dont wanna go dere dat is.)coz if sumthin has to go wrong it wil go wrong in TherE
Buses run faster than autorickshaws in Mumbai....
Mumbaikars are civilized in a unique way :)
Mumbai is always lucky for me and the love hate realtionship continues!!
Computers is one thing like most other things which u learn the best yourself!
Your bosses will never have time for you and when dey do have you will just not be under the right circumstances!
Your first day of fieldwork will be surprisingly positive!
Your effeciency levels will be high only ifyou are doing things you love to do
provided you are not gettin paid for it.
You will surprise yourself very often just like life.
Its always better to be evaluated for your work rather than on the work that de
best salon in de city has done for you;)
Expect miracles when u expect them the least
The boss that looks most appreciative and impressed will be the most critical in the end so beware.
Never count your money it will always be lesser than u thought.
Cheap places sell the best food.
The shortest meetings end up being the longest ones..
The maximum work u will do will be always on thursdays.
Keys lost are never found...
To be continued!!!

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