Saturday, May 05, 2007

i mE OthErs aND AMitaBh....

smells good here..
I rubbed my eyes ..again.. once again..and yet again.. and then all I have been doing is smiling..this time rubbing it in:). that’s how it was..good things dont always come in small sizes.. they come in E-mails too..
And then you know as im growin up am growin older too.. that’s sumthing I hv been realizing.. getting closer to things which I will HAVE to do or STOP doing soon
So yet another Birthday! a different one close to people I have been far off for long .... far away from those who I been have close ...... Great day and only the few get to be a part of it only those close to my heart come close to my birthday cake…..I know u would say its not fair but yes its only dark cakes that I always liked.....;P
Well it smells good you know the air around.. Learning about perfumery,France and the HIM something that’s going to become a bigger part of my life…a month that’ll be a forerunner to coming years..

And continuing the big B’s in life..
Big B himself..Boss,.Business..ByeFriends,,Brands,,.Bombay and Budgets,blogs im running all around them..
k the next Shantaram not so soon.. Am still not geared up for competition but Yes I have all the background settings ready… So kindly wait n Watch out!!!
That’s it.
Lookin at the wall clock.
Time up..
Urs ME:)


nisha said...

hey sweetheart! thanks for being my first :) planning to start this in a big way...lets see! n man...u write always :)

Saucy said...

biggest B is that everything is gonna BURST one day

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