Saturday, February 02, 2008

Life is akin to a PPT

?)How many Presentations does an Average Bschooler
make ?!?Give?? See?? Listen?? Forget ?? during his bschooling time!!
?)How diff is life from a PPT.

?)How many times have you noticed the number of slides before sitting through an ordeal of listening to a marathon ppt..

?)Have u wondered what if there where no PPT'S?

With Slide Transitions happenning every second all you have to do is set your Master slide..(thats the decison of ur life)
You have no time to Undo or to look back and Redo...
Coz all files now are Read only..what u did for the past two years
Dosnt hold weight what matters is what u did fr the last 23 odd yrs of your life..

Use the Slide Sorter options well and your Master slide could really be grand..
Those flowery Header or Footers really dont matter..just keep the text in Bold..without any Shadows left behind...

You are fool if u thought that the Slide Design or Layout matters it dos'nt wat matters is the slide show, The alignments have to be perfect if possible the timely use of Pointers could clinch the deal.

As far as possible d0nt hide ur slides..keep ur notes ready and yes u have no auto correct options..all that matters is You..
No gray scales in the end.. Only Black and white..

After innumerous custom shows and Rehearsal of Timings the grand gala show places you in a time span of few minutes...

So present your PPT well they tell me and you a lot about you :)

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