Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Single focus , Double Thoughts..
Go where you want to spread the torch..
Take the string and pull the chord..
Look up in search of the lord..

Dig through deep hollow wells..
Take me there to the road that ends..
Show me the window which opens to the hill..
Pass by me even if your shadows will..

Switch it on when the time says play..
Open in the dark and close by the day..

Flicker the flame when the wind stood still.
Cheat the chest on those wind mills..

Blow the trumpet if the curtains go down..
Take your arrow and shoot the clowns..
Push the wall that lies between..
Colour all those open and opaque screens..

Prick the thorns that lie on the stems..
Tick the times when you are at the bends..
Tailor the stiches that lie within..
Clamp your feet and Roger that film..

Deep below there lies a golden chest..
In your hunger for the quest..
Into oblivion your several dreams..
But the undying focus still screams..

Photo: Atlantic wharf, Cardiff


sajith viswam said...

After reading yo poem i felt as though im in center of the middle!!!



Animesh Saxena said...

Freedom to do whatever u want to....or maybe slight touch of being ambitious. Can't make out....but well it's truly...nice...loved it :)

Dream Runner said...

The poem is about being ambitiously caught up in the middle of a lot of things in life basically in search of the best and not giving up on your self ruling standards.. so both my readers have got it right..:)

It also has a touch of loosing your focus in the wake of doing so many routine and frivolous things..

Its also about being less dreamy and orienting yourself to action each moment..
Its about not just living with emotional realities but expressing and sharing them with the ones who care for you and also you care for...its about this and many more things going on in my mind!!

thanks for reading...

Adisha said...

Hmmmm, interesting .... An " ambitious " one .... :D Loved the concept ...


Proneat said...


Hatikvah said...

thank god the undying focus still screams, coz the day that element goes silent, it'd be a mighty loss. You know, its funny, we all are busy with our lives, but so few of us actually do what we'd love to do. Needless to say, nicely written, and welcome back to blogosphere after a longgggggg time.

Dream Runner said...

@ Hatikvah...
Good to see you here..you've taken a rather long time too..
Thanks for the good words and as always you pick up just the right lines from my writings..:)

angel from heaven said...

Beautifully written and very meaningful.

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