Monday, January 26, 2009

of learning the things you love...

"So have you loved painting, paint for youself the sunrise every mornin, you love music sing passionately even in the bathroom, not enough.. bathe more than the average number of times you would, love the strings of the guitar, buy youself one you'll treasure all your life as your first love,love the mountains travel all by yourself to dance, join the troupe so what if you have the ugliest partner, love to cook and bake do that for every person you love..if thats not enough start loving more and more people to have enough cakes to photography keep your cam wherever you go coz you never know when life gives you the perfect shot.. just dont wait for loving the things you learn or ought to learn in life but learn things you have loved (jus plain vanila is sometimes better than a nutty butterscotch life afterall ;) "

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