Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pune beckons..

..in less than two months time, i will find myself alone in a city called pune. An alien city..new people.. a new culture.. enviornment..why to forget the climate.. and offcourse a completely different life.. a bschool life..as they call it..
Wel its not the first time i would be going to pune.. i did have a one day short visit in february .. for what .. for my sibm gd pi.. yes i had a call.but its not hard guessing what happened next..:(
well first experience about the city.. not very impressive!!.
Railway station?.. no comments.. coz none in india are worth commenting...( except the larger dan life station=>cst mumbai)..wowa!!..
as soon u leave the station u do need an oxygen cylinder.yes i know u wont be that well equipped so a handkercheif would suffice lol..yeah quite polluted and congested,aweful traffic and hardly any trees(40% green cover.. nt bad.. but howcome i did nt notice). i tell if u have ever stayed in the national capital u'll know what i'm talking about.(delhi offcourse, happens to be the greenest capital in world).
Oxford of the east.. Queen of the deccan plateau or the Scooter City (why.. why not.. it houses one of the worlds largest scooter manufacturers and also the largest no. women scooterists)..whichever way u may call it.. pune(thats the marathi version of poona), this vibarnt city sounds like an interesting mix of culture and modernity.. very much like the country it is a part off..INDIA.
Now talking about the weather..sunny n sweaty afternoons(atleast at that time of year when i was there) and chilled out nights.. (yes u can go with the double entendre).looking forward to feel the monsoons.
With what i know, Boredom will never haunt you once your here..(disclaimer =>yes it would only if you are the boring types).. lotsa a interseting and diverse places to visit.. from spirituality to religion to rock( plzz..the last one is not my cup of tea) ..one of them being the abode of Osho..Swami Rajneesh..this place flocks foreigners in huge numbers..Osho garden and Zen garden..one of places on my must visit lists..lets c....
Its haven for education... from defence, military to law and IT.. attracts people frm all over the world.
An abrupt end, yes enough of gyan..before it sounds like a touriste guide ..i will shut up..n yes do tell me wat u feel abt this city..
i'm all ears....()

Sunday, April 09, 2006

What am i doing here...

You must be wondering.. i do that all the time..
Well i should have started with talking about myself should have hmm..but again restlessness took me over and i had to wait for the xcitement to move out.what excitement.. wowa after a two year long wait i manage to get a final selection offer from a good enough Bschool an i also get to be in pune..the best part being just two hrs away from.. mbai i'll get to connet once again to this lovely city n close friends!! so please excuse me for that..
Now talking about myself.. well im called shakti..yes a strange name or should i say a strong name on a gal.. But i am simply in love with it coz no other word has the potential to describe me so perfectly.. Just to add to this,this name was given to me by my grandfather and yeah if theres one person in his life he would give his life for its me.. i have been his most adorable, pampered,doted and loved grandchild..i still manage to sit close on his lap whenever i visit him and he holds my hand tightly ...listening to my endless stories for hours..one of the many many people in my life i'm absolutely in love with.. my grandpa:)and yes love is my most overused word.. you'll know that soon..
So now u do know that i'm a strong,independant and an absolutely selfassured person..people say im a chatterbox.. but i do have a different side to me.. which is quiet, contemplative and very very emotional and if ur lucky u'll get to see dat atleast once in life haah.. so wait for your chance patiently because i dont like revealing it i'd love somebody to recognise that..i can smile during the toughest times and at the same time shed tears in solace without any reason at all. i admire beauty.. bounties of nature the smell of the wet earth to a perfectly seasoned meal.. all appeal beautifully to my senses..but Actually i'm still a mystery an enigma to myself..i just dont understand how i manage to be what iam..
And look in my attempt to let u know more about myself i am all dazed,confused and spellbound..so lets leave it right here..and mind you your not getting rid of me so soon..i'll be back by the time you know i'm gone..

Friday, April 07, 2006

one of my poems...

Say Yes to Life ..

No joy too small,
No sorrow big enough.
No friend so true,
No enemy too rough.
No fall so demeaning,
No heights too great.
No success too early,
No rewards too late.
No words too harsh,
No insults a disgrace.
No humans perfect,
No hurdle hard to face.
No life’s a tragedy,
No death is the end.
No beginning impossible,
No mistake you cannot mend.
No life without a reason,
So feel the joy of being alive.
No thing as precious as this,
So say yes to life….

The journey begins....................

A strange sort of serenity surrounds me today.............................
well.. its a special day for me.. its the day that marks the begining of my journey to self discovery.. finalment the battle with myself ends to start another .. but this time with the world...
Its not been easy .... but i have no regrets :) .... and i finaly seem to have arrived...:)
This day is gone and left me with the oppurtunity to step into the world all on my own.. what i make of it absolutely rests on me now.. my feats and failures are all gonna be mine...
One thought that leaves me feeling cold is the fact of being away from my loved ones.. oh how i'll miss them all.. but i'm still comforted as i'll be away to realise not my dreams but our dreams...come to think of this then nothing seems tuff...

i am assured that its gonna be a life enriching and experience n not to ignore the fun and frolic..hehe....
and i look forward to those two years of my life i will live at siib... here i come!!!

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