Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On the year gone by

2009..its been about self discovery...personal and learning..crossing of a few bridges, good to bad to worse choices, some calculative and some natural feats.. here's completing the act...2010 I see brings another rollercoaster ride...

Here's to yet another block..
The sound bells of silence,
Ringing through the head
The melange of the past
Some alive, some dead
Some tickle, some scare
Awefull enough to shut your eyes
Candid enough to make you stare,,
A year that came full circle
And concaved before it ends..
Now an encaspulated journey
Meandering with reckless bends,,
Are you caught by those white noises
But they can’t really hear you out..
Are you dumbfounded by choices
But you can’t live any beyond doubt,,
Does it turn into Farce
When you turn to give meaning
Does it all vanish into vapour
When you harden it to feel it,,
But those moments that we walked
Natural acts with an obvious ploy
Even that lasted for a whisker
No regrets nor any burdens of joy,,
And tiptoeing we walk on the fences
Keep moving for a final stop
On this bed and that soil
To just one more block,,

P.S : On deliberation this poem has a negative element , not the intended mood and tone..
Photo - Canary Wharf, April 09

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