Saturday, March 13, 2010

Maladies Mentales

ü- Stuck in the middle !! And so life moves on, getting closer to the best,( ah ! you must be kidding ).Our process analysis of any situation tells us we are moving towards the worse. downside - Lifes circle getting smaller , narrower set of friends and best fits. Upside- we are getting better at coping up with things that bring change. In a hell of a manner everytime, but atleast you are reaching points when you can uproot yourself , correcting pendulum like behaviour devoid of new risks/returns. Switching on and off is better than hibernating mode each time.

ü- Sans Change!! Personalities definitely change and evolve, you are what you have chosen you want to be with no external virus attacks, What my image is and what I want to represent is our forte, though I still do not know what works best for me, changes over time (that’s fine), but I do know that I can keep experimenting till the time I have to stop and walk away with a dab of confidence and a tint of arrogance in MY chosen direction .

ü- Questioning at x per hr!! Well we all do that a zillion times a day,

" Where is it going? Why did he call me, Why did he not call me, Will he do what he says, does he say what he does ?, Why did not she and why don’t they,What do they think, How do I get out of this now, Do I really need to say that, When will I actually buy that car, Does that dress make me look fatter, Have I got a tummy which is more than the one I got last time I went home. Is that even a worry for her, that she sounds so worried. Look at the mess he created, why did I ever get so fast into that, it is so unreal, What is that they are actually doing ? Stop! Should I make a full stop now it’s going way overboard."

Breathe ! We keep punching questions that keep punchering our mind over a typical span of a humans week, now sit back and ponder over the weekend that all those futile questions on which no action was taken , if not asked would have left no difference in our state of being and the way we spent our friday nights or monday mornings.

ü- Keep the pin labels away!! We still would have laughed and cried and ate the same amount of junk courses, because at not one point of life is life so certain. Yet we try to pin it to any kind of surety sometimes to the extent that we base our decisions on others graphs. Keep the pin boxes away, they only pinch and poke you.

ü- Repulsion sydnrome!! You will see that each time you cross a line you will want to push back. But then you will still lie in the same parallels of momentary pleasures . It’s like a constant given in any equation over a period of time even though the variables keep multiplying.

ü- Expectation is the ghost!! Another common ailment is over expectations, the fact where you decide how you should be treated while you slip control from the way you've got to treat yourself. Its got nothing to do with them or you, it is just happening because it ought to happen, all you need to do is disassociate from the conflicts and when it makes less than incomplete sense and the timing is right you will know what to do next.

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