Monday, February 28, 2011

For Starters and till desserts

Life amuses me and so humour is what I find in everything around :-D
He plans, we goof-up and vice versa.

Here is some crazy food for thought.Take it with a pinch(or pitcher) of malt;-)

If only god had a base on earth
If only his strat team was dispersed
Would he be kind enough to have a one to one
Before he charts out a destiny for us
So that his plan and our course
Would never slip out of control
Present confusion, past & future joys n pains
Would never see a mismatch in plans again.
A slight hint here and a slight trick there
If only we had our own Da Vinci codes
Cracking them would be more fun
Than relying on our silly & logical conundrums
Whoever thought we could start from nowhere
Life's venture capitalism had to be a failed concept
So if at all a course correction now be done
I would strongly recommend he set up office on earth.

P.S : I love this pic for some live reactions.

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