Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Unwinding @ a philosophical hour

Are We caught in this 'usualness of things' .. That we live Each moment thinking
that our road To perdition does not end here Or even worse its waiting To
start..We move On the same path every sunny day taking each day picking the
little stones that come our way. We lose each little bit fo life that keeps
flowing within us in that weight. We forget that the power house that pumps life
was'nt to climb the rock or burn the breath ..it was for something, something that
we all vcould lose without any fear of loosing it and so you know the biggest
fear that i see when i open my eyes this day is what if one day i start living
in the usualness of things.. that even a state of denial seems seemingly
different to me... that i wake up each day thinking that my bit of it is over and
that i have no hand in making the world spin.. that i am in consequential, that
i am incapable of making a difference in anyone's life, that i cant look into his
eyes and say that how much it means to me, that i keep moving on with no hope of
ever coming back to the things that belong to me, that language which gave
defination to every piece of emotion seems like and incongruent string on paper,
that i have nothing more left to hear that seems like music to me, that i look
outside the window and i have nothing to see and breathe, that everything that
touches me feels like water and dosnt flow through my eyes.. to all the years
that i have lived ,today seems taht he is smiling back to me that i feel that
yes maybe i have lived for this and will go on living for the same, while i
cross thae path of many taking them along giving them one smalll reason to
remember what it meant to ahve them by my side, to have them call my name in
their time of sorrow, to have me hold them and whisper to them what could bring
that spark in their eyes, that glow that seems brighter than light that ray that
cuts through all that that comes in between coz it isnt that from where it all
started but it is'nt where i shall end END....

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