Monday, November 17, 2008

In happy times and in bends
a flip and flop with new found friends
a laughter a hope and a slapstick joke..
a low a high and your deep down broke
a pick a drop, a slurp and a chop,
a wink a smirk till eyes drop
a clap a hail, for trick a mail.
a walk a sip and a new found trail
a tip a lead a nip in the bud
a smoke a scratch in the forest mud
a jeep a grip a wind a bird
a click a bond a peacocks pond
a spark a lull a secular bunch
a peg a treble with a soda punch .
a yin a yang a flick to stall
a dawn a bell a wake up call
a trim a daze in the morning haze
a song a tear and a look of craze
a peddle a push a right a scare
a hill a bridge a tan to dare
a fist a splash a vibe to match.
a bump a toast a thrill to most
a dig a cross from south to nord
a time a trip at river tern lodge...

Monday, November 03, 2008

Writers clog and Walnut brownies

This day for record*..coz it has a meaning..a sense of lethargy had taken me over and now i am feeling that again.. something i cannot afford to loose for a whole lot of years to come, but you know when i see through them..i wonder whats that life all about.. success and self satisfaction.. you gotta be kidding me...but i am glad you know today... outta the rut.. win myslef over in a really small yet big way today!!
and yes to remind me, lot of things pending in my notebook.. to be put up here.. dunno why iam taking time...but then you know someone keeps reminding me these days of something i never could really understand.. that things happen best when they just happen...without you doing no planning... only he is conspiring and i thank him for that.. crash boom bang :) *flighting back!!

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