Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Broken Spirits

A friend of mine spurred the thought in me of how inspiration lies behind every piece of art and opinion, I know you would agree to this as much as I don’t , but on second thoughts now, it would actually serve a purpose and that would be that I could use this forum to talk about the lines of Tagore written way back in the first decade of the century we left behind.
For those reading this I would say that i am regressively inspired by Rabindranath Tagore's words.
And so looking back now makes you and me feel that it is all so misplaced in today’s setting ,

Here he goes ..

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high;
Where knowledge is free;
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls;
Where words come out from the depth of truth;
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection;
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit;
Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought and action--
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake....Geetanjali 1910

In contrast..here i go..

Where the wings don’t fly, where the arms can’t try...
Where there is fear and scare, where even truth can’t dare...
Where the unarmed suffer, while they glorify their supper...
Where you and I fight for reasons so weak, for the good we fail to take the lead
Where there is distress and distrust in each soul, where we all tend to harbor selfish goals...
Where young women are left alone to bleed , where the men of faith pay no heed...
Where we sit rounds and rounds of big talks, where we screen hours and take stocks...
Where we love to blame and play the mock, where we watch them crumble away our blocks...
Where the will to take charge has died, where we have learnt to conveniently hide...
Where that one spark gets lost in the crowd, when his voice is snubbed even before he could shout...
Where they fight with peace for the chair, where we choose to give them an actionless stare...
Where the power comes to a house of crime, where the power in truth is still not sublime...
Where the sun goes down with no hope, where you rise each day to see the injustice scope...
Where the needy cries out his soul, when there’s not enough in his child’s bowl...

Where two right men make no good, where they are crushed even before they could...
Where your name decides your destiny, where religion becomes the cause of tyranny...
Where life’s taken for saffron and green, where holy faith turns into a fanatic scene...
Is that the India from where you and I hail, that’s yet again where my country fails...
Yet we say we had set to teach the world and today what we were we forget...
Yet again we feel so taken, Yet again our worlds shaken...

Now again we lie in broken spirits, still waiting to rise from our own debris.... 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

In happy times and in bends
a flip and flop with new found friends
a laughter a hope and a slapstick joke..
a low a high and your deep down broke
a pick a drop, a slurp and a chop,
a wink a smirk till eyes drop
a clap a hail, for trick a mail.
a walk a sip and a new found trail
a tip a lead a nip in the bud
a smoke a scratch in the forest mud
a jeep a grip a wind a bird
a click a bond a peacocks pond
a spark a lull a secular bunch
a peg a treble with a soda punch .
a yin a yang a flick to stall
a dawn a bell a wake up call
a trim a daze in the morning haze
a song a tear and a look of craze
a peddle a push a right a scare
a hill a bridge a tan to dare
a fist a splash a vibe to match.
a bump a toast a thrill to most
a dig a cross from south to nord
a time a trip at river tern lodge...

Monday, November 03, 2008

Writers clog and Walnut brownies

This day for record*..coz it has a meaning..a sense of lethargy had taken me over and now i am feeling that again.. something i cannot afford to loose for a whole lot of years to come, but you know when i see through them..i wonder whats that life all about.. success and self satisfaction.. you gotta be kidding me...but i am glad you know today... outta the rut.. win myslef over in a really small yet big way today!!
and yes to remind me, lot of things pending in my notebook.. to be put up here.. dunno why iam taking time...but then you know someone keeps reminding me these days of something i never could really understand.. that things happen best when they just happen...without you doing no planning... only he is conspiring and i thank him for that.. crash boom bang :) *flighting back!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Unwinding @ a philosophical hour

Are We caught in this 'usualness of things' .. That we live Each moment thinking
that our road To perdition does not end here Or even worse its waiting To
start..We move On the same path every sunny day taking each day picking the
little stones that come our way. We lose each little bit fo life that keeps
flowing within us in that weight. We forget that the power house that pumps life
was'nt to climb the rock or burn the breath ..it was for something, something that
we all vcould lose without any fear of loosing it and so you know the biggest
fear that i see when i open my eyes this day is what if one day i start living
in the usualness of things.. that even a state of denial seems seemingly
different to me... that i wake up each day thinking that my bit of it is over and
that i have no hand in making the world spin.. that i am in consequential, that
i am incapable of making a difference in anyone's life, that i cant look into his
eyes and say that how much it means to me, that i keep moving on with no hope of
ever coming back to the things that belong to me, that language which gave
defination to every piece of emotion seems like and incongruent string on paper,
that i have nothing more left to hear that seems like music to me, that i look
outside the window and i have nothing to see and breathe, that everything that
touches me feels like water and dosnt flow through my eyes.. to all the years
that i have lived ,today seems taht he is smiling back to me that i feel that
yes maybe i have lived for this and will go on living for the same, while i
cross thae path of many taking them along giving them one smalll reason to
remember what it meant to ahve them by my side, to have them call my name in
their time of sorrow, to have me hold them and whisper to them what could bring
that spark in their eyes, that glow that seems brighter than light that ray that
cuts through all that that comes in between coz it isnt that from where it all
started but it is'nt where i shall end END....

Monday, May 05, 2008


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Moral of the story : avoid chaos : => give space n put fullstops to things at the right place n at the right time , dont drag them along ......
Cheersthen :)
P>S: this post has the honour of being edited more than 25 times.. was it worth it:)

Monday, April 07, 2008

One full circle..

The background : [ok some one someday just happen to tell me that, that someone in general feels a little uncomfortable if that some one stays for a long time at some place.. well that simple statement which by grapevine happened to reach me on time killing chat session.. but yes it did trigger a thought...and i got something to write on the the theme which usually for me comes before the body of the blog...]

And i think i can now answer a simple question which our Mr Galileo, Copernicus, Magellan and the likes struggled to prove ---
And that was that the earth was Round and not Square..
Well all they forgot to say that life moves in circles too..
My assumption which I’l try to fit it into reality lets see how...
Even this blog has moved one full circle and that you will understand if you happen to be regular here and not necessarily by powers of geometrical understanding...
my educational career is coming to halt(as of now) and by that i mean classroom education. because Im growing old and I don’t have much time in hand..(well That also become a worry these days...)
Coz i have started viewing life in time spans of not less than 2..3..4..5 years..
Well i guess that’s how its going to be from now...let me quote a few not so hypothetical situations... you’ll be able to relate better..

1) Hanging on to your place of work for atleast the next 2- 3yrs obv there’s no limit to the maximum!!
Your next raise/appraisal/promotion/transfer/business person of the year award..:)
2) Paying of all kinds of loans in next three four five years years. and for me those include things which you are greedy for but don’t really have the money to pay at the moment..
3)Tying the scary (nuptial) knot after at least four five ten years:
4)Other things which as of now seem irritatingly irrelevant and impossible but will certainly come :P
5) Saving money for later later in life(10- 20% agreement on that)... investments shorter ,long term ,medium term, life term, Health, kids( ughh) education, marriage, death, rebirth... n blah blah...(hence forth the circles will be longer i guess)
6) And yes to feel what I feel here watch the friends episode ‘when they all turn thirty’…lol well well I am not that old.. but can sum how experience the pain coming…L

Guess that’s what they call broadening of our horizons is it..(Ouchh) it hurts already.. I don’t know how pleasant it will be... but yes have to wait and watch....and Yes maybe i like it...all that too will pass concentrically…another Chakkar begins…journey i mean..:)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Life is akin to a PPT

?)How many Presentations does an Average Bschooler
make ?!?Give?? See?? Listen?? Forget ?? during his bschooling time!!
?)How diff is life from a PPT.

?)How many times have you noticed the number of slides before sitting through an ordeal of listening to a marathon ppt..

?)Have u wondered what if there where no PPT'S?

With Slide Transitions happenning every second all you have to do is set your Master slide..(thats the decison of ur life)
You have no time to Undo or to look back and Redo...
Coz all files now are Read only..what u did for the past two years
Dosnt hold weight what matters is what u did fr the last 23 odd yrs of your life..

Use the Slide Sorter options well and your Master slide could really be grand..
Those flowery Header or Footers really dont matter..just keep the text in Bold..without any Shadows left behind...

You are fool if u thought that the Slide Design or Layout matters it dos'nt wat matters is the slide show, The alignments have to be perfect if possible the timely use of Pointers could clinch the deal.

As far as possible d0nt hide ur slides..keep ur notes ready and yes u have no auto correct options..all that matters is You..
No gray scales in the end.. Only Black and white..

After innumerous custom shows and Rehearsal of Timings the grand gala show places you in a time span of few minutes...

So present your PPT well they tell me and you a lot about you :)

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