Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Pre and post nothing Happiness Syndrome

Is there something like a happy moodswing?
After prolonged days of being morose and bored , dying for a change, where your boss reminds you of Dogbert , when your work life starts to suck, when you are swearing on the men you don’t want to be with and running behind the state you actually want . This state shocks me. Makes me think what is that I am doing right. So I could hold on to this forever.

After those emotional controls hanging from your ceiling fan making your head go round and round strangulating your minds independence.
There are these days when you have happy mood swings. When you are in the state of loving all that surrounds you. Where everything means a thing. Where you live in the ‘now’ of affairs and not ‘later’.

That’s when you realize that these are days when your are actually doing things for yourself. You are not knocking things down for later. You are not avoiding your own self. You are not being that self depressed lazy butt. You are not judgemental about people who love you. You are not holding back. You are just settled.

and P.S Mr. Clooney my love, why does one even need a back pack when one has no baggage to carry.
Pic - April'10 , Bangalore

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