Wednesday, August 16, 2006

LAzy LoUsY LeTHaRGIc lifE..

Y do hate to do all the important things In life…
Starting from gettin up on time.. attending college lectures..
Completing assignments…making notes.. reading atleast two business dailies atleast seven days a week..
Y do we start with our presentations when its time to give it the final touches..
Y no work has ever been completed a day before the dday..
Y don’t we ever read the course material for the next days lectures…
Y is it that the sole reason for visiting the library is not for reading but at the most collecting handouts.
Y do we hate mindless discussions in group meetings..
Y the probabaility of everyone turning up at the same time tend so close to zero...
Y is it that the first thing we do wen we log on to the internet is the useless networking
Y wat we cldnt study for on our finger tips jst a nite before the xams..
Y is it fun doing absolutely nothing…y is it that why is spelt as Y..
Y am I writing this when I hav lotsa other important work to do..
Y am i Leavin midway when writing on my blog after a quarter of an year….
Y nobody will read dis..n dose who do….


Neelabh said...

there will be people who will read ur blog...and they will be as wella as u ;)

Rajeev said...

not jus u, Everybody has the same set of questions on their mind :P

Peace & Love,

Vinod R Iyer said...

Thank god Y is not the last letter ...There is a Z at the end ! :)

ankurindia said...

nice blog

Saucy said...

dose who read...
Y do dey post nonsense comment like dis...

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