Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Well.. was just wondering dat apart from givin people sum thought to write about on dere blog( I usually have that effect on people u c) what else hav I been doing.. ok I knw dat ya people did miss me..i knw its been over a month and I hv hardly frequented this place …occasionally jst fr checkin up a few new comments and yes changing de template so very often.. well that was an attempt to make dis boring place a lil lively for all ya wonderful ppl…
So what I have been upto….. off course doing what I do best.. and that is doing absolutely nthing..
Not my fault , curse the weather..its been terribly hot all dese dis garmi cant even think of venturing out…forget about the cost getting a tan .. never..frgt it!!
Well also had my bday in between..yes it does come once in year sadly..but this one was really really special…maybe the last one in which I was pampered to the fullest..well I tell ya bdays leave me really embarrassed n spell bound.. coz everyone u knw tries to be so nice n sweet.. n I feel that im not returning the love and warmth yes offcourse im treating dem and tryin to be a good host.. but still it gives me strange feelings inside… k I knw that’s weird but u forgot that’s how I am made outrageously weird…

Like its been all my life..leaving behind friends and moving on n on.. back to that stage again..’the journey kinda started from bangalore..lovely city..and lovelier people..have to tell u dis one..dere’s sumthing special about me ;)…jst got in tuch wid a friend from blore .. whom I din knw existed.. but wooh she knew n remembered me…imagine its been even more than fifteen years and even my longterm memory had given up on this one.. but it was really really.. unbelievable..thanks to dat networkin site.. life gives u strange encounters very often…
N yes den came lko..ask me anthing about my stay dere.. i would say those were de days…everthing is deeply engrained in my memories…my closest pals hail from dere…n I love dem n miss dem truly..
Nw I move into this city of dreams..mbai…absolutely a life which I never thought of I would live..
Yes pali hill sunset heights being the place I miss most.. why.. why not.. hold ur breath..if every evening u get to treat ur eyes staring away at the hottest hunk of bollywood yes.. im talking abt sanju baba..yeah he was my neighbour..and offcourse many more people.. like sunil dutt.. saira bano.. sridevi..dilip kumar. Blah blah….aur bhi honge ..but do I care.. hehe..
And now im going to be this city by friends are going crazy that Im gonna be dere sooner than the soonest…wow..yippee..yay..

N sadly the only thing I gonna miss terribly about my family and my family and my family..yeah n mayb the metro too..AMAZING…no water no electricity in the city…. but still people get the luxury of traveling in one of the worlds best rapid transit system…at a comfortable 29 degrees wen the sun is scorching at its best at more than 45degrees outside..NOT FAIR DILLI..J)hehehe…..ciao!!


Vaibhav Shetty said...

heyy...finally u are back...people are writing about u in their blog??wow...(people must be really bored)...u must be having the shakks effect on people...if u get wht i mean..heheheh

sunshine said...


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