Friday, April 07, 2006

one of my poems...

Say Yes to Life ..

No joy too small,
No sorrow big enough.
No friend so true,
No enemy too rough.
No fall so demeaning,
No heights too great.
No success too early,
No rewards too late.
No words too harsh,
No insults a disgrace.
No humans perfect,
No hurdle hard to face.
No life’s a tragedy,
No death is the end.
No beginning impossible,
No mistake you cannot mend.
No life without a reason,
So feel the joy of being alive.
No thing as precious as this,
So say yes to life….


Indian_Yogi said...

It is pleasantly surprising to see a young person like you having so much depth in thoughts and ofcourse capture them in such beautiful words.

Wish you the best as you take the next step in your life.


nisha punjabi said...

hey, loved ur poem...n i totally agree with it.i seriously feel that such poems are really encouraging in times of pain..cherish it :)

sarvagya jain said...

well i don't know much abt poems and i really have no interest in them... but thought looks very mature.. good job shakti...

DS said...

Heh! Good thoughts there. I'm yet to evolve to develop a taste for poetry - but loved reading these lines.

shakti said...

Thanks people..
Feels nice:)

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