Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just when Are you?

Just when the world is doing the usual, Are you fighting with yourself for a change ! Drastically

Just when the usual is making them all happy, Are you pushing back all those deals! Casually

Just when they are sealing it off, Are you eroding all the past layers! Clearly

Just when they are all piling cash, Are you looking at ways to clear bank accounts! Comfortably

Just when the clocks ticking,  Are you looking at making the circumference bigger! Insanely

Just when they are working at falling in love, Are you looking at ways to fall out of it all! Passively

Just when they are all gung-ho about Diwali, Are you waiting to celebrate your first Haloween! Weirdly

I Am , Are you?

Pic- A coffee shop in a quaint hill station around Bangalore. Sept,10


The Nouveau said...

Like it ! :)

I can understand the references in a couple of paragraphs.. Just when they are piling cash...
Just when they are working at falling in love..


What plans for Haloween??

Shakti said...

Dont we all write about things that fall into our circle of influence..

you wana join the haloween plans??;-)

johnny boy said...

Heavy stuff I say :) Too much work for my little brain on a weekend though :) heheh kiddin!

Very well written.. Deep stuff :)

Answer to your koshun - Are you? - No.. I am sleeping most of the time :D while u guys think so much :)

- John

Shakti said...

Johnny Johnny!

Thanks and eww wake up!! But tell ya sleeping is so much better:D

Animesh Saxena said...

Just as I was reading this blog!

Shakti said...

Animesh- What are you trying to say? thanks for reading tho.

Animesh Saxena said...

Was trying to form a sentence with "Just when" to rhyme....but couldn't think of anything similar hence resulted in a silly comment.

On the other hand....your writing reflects your passion for anything. Reflects a Dreamer.

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