Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The World Is Changing

And I woke up, to how swiftly time had moved, not a moment to rethink.
The grass was washed and was now as green and pious with the dew drops fallen from the night,
The times were changing , the guitar notes were done with.
The melodies were fresh , and in the azure sky the doorways to new smiles had opened with some gracefull exits and long drawn pauses.
Suddenly the abnormal made me happy, and I lived the life I never imagined would bring me joy.
Believing what came to you at first go , with no space for maladies.
And then there is now so much going inside but millions of miles away there is a composed note ringing in the head incessantly but calmly so.
And then you look at newer and newer turns and you wait for the morning with no second thoughts.
Look above and down and around and you have never been so sure.
And then you step in the sunshine and dance like the music would never end.
Like the darkness would never set in, like the raindrops would never hurt you again.
And then you begin to see the sunrise like you never saw it.
Like a butterfly just got wings shimmering with vibrant hues.
And here I was, walking in all this and more.
For real.

Pic- New decade- Jan 2011


Animesh Saxena said...

Beautiful Words!

Shakti said...

Thanks for visiting.

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